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Welcome to Brown Dog Java

We approach life with a sense of humor but make no mistake, we take coffee very seriously.

If you have been looking for Brown Dog Java, we're sorry. For several reasons we slowed down, and then stopped producing coffee.


On the brighter side, we are working on several projects. When we stopped, Brown Dog had several all natural coffees. We had our flavors made for us by a big flavor house on the East Coast. One day making a sales call at a natural food store, I was asked what was in our coffee. My stock answer was 100% coffee with all natural flavors. 

"What's in your flavors?" I was asked.

Again, my stock answer, "the ingredient list is proprietary, the flavor company won't let us tell you what's in them"

The truth was I had no idea. I was very politely apologized to, the buyer telling me her customers came to store because they knew what was in every product. Many had serious allergies to surprisingly unknown ingredients, and it was imperative that they be able to avoid them.

When we start selling coffees again, every ingredient will be listed on the label. For instance our Blueberry Lavender will have blueberries and lavender. 

This comes from a partnership with a local tea company, Gryphon's Tea that supplies much of our organic herbs and spices.

Also, later this summer we will be offering Java Cha or our version of dirty tea. Coffee and tea blends. More on this later.

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