It all started in a coffee shop 20 years ago

Brown Dog Java really started almost 20 years ago, when Becky and Steve met in a coffee shop. Steve was the barista and Becky the georgeous coffee drinker


Wouldn't you know, Becky and Steve fell in love and before long they were a couple.


Quite often Becky expressed her desire for a Chocolate Labrador retriever, a boy, she was adamant about a male puppy.


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Starting our own company

So that brings us to the present. Steve worked in coffee for quite a while, and there were things he wanted to do. He left the corporate coffee company to found Brown Dog Java with Becky, to focus on really great coffee, and flavored coffees, with an emphasis on all natural flavors. Since our inception we have brought to market a number of new and unique flavored coffees. Our signature fall flavor is our all natural Pumpkin Spice, and our sales and distribution map grows yearly. Two of our newer all natural flavors are Natural Blueberry Herb (lavender infused blueberry) and Natural Orange Spice (tarragon infused Orange) look for these, and traditional flavors like our Natural Hazelnut, and Natural Toasted Coconut at a natural food store or grocery store near you.


How come Brown Dog Java?

If you visited our blog, you know that dogs are a big part of our life. Steve and his dog Alfie are a search and rescue team in Western PA and travel to neighboring states when needed. In Pennsylvania, most search and rescue is volunteer, so fund raising is important. Steve wanted to create a coffee to sell to fund his training. Meanwhile, after visiting the Fancy Food Show in New York, Becky lounged at the pool atop a hotel in midtown Manhattan thinking she'd like a coffee company to do all the cool things she was thinking. Without any concrete plan she secured the URL Brown Dog Java, and that fall at the fire and ems expo, after creating a logo and a label, Brown Dog Java was born.

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